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Learn iOS with the best iOS and Swift tutorial. Build your first iOS App.

Swift tutorials for human beings.

Would you like to learn to build your first iOS App? Improve your skills as a Swift programmer? Are you already a Swift ninja but want to learn the ultimate tricks?

All these iOS and swift tutorials are completely free. I hate ads, so you won’t find them here either.

Find the right Swift tutorials for you

I have organized these tutorials in three groups, depending on your current expertise: beginner (for those with little to no prior experience coding for iOS), intermediate (for folks with a medium knowledge of the platform that want to improve their skills) and advanced (for serious developers that want to dig into more specialized stuff).


New to iOS and Swift development? Don’t panic! We have just the starting tutorials and courses that you need, from the basics of the Swift programming language to getting acquaintance with Xcode and the interface builder. All the swift tutorials you might need.

Swift for absolute beginners (coming soon...)

In this tutorial series you will learn the basics of the Swift programming language. Let's get started!

Your first iOS App

In this tutorial series, we are going to build your first iOS application, step by step.

Certificates, Publishing and the Apple Store (coming soon)

Probably, the most scary part for a beginner developer is dealing with the App Store certificates, development profiles and all that stuff. But, don't worry! We'll explain it in depth in this tutorial series.

The Ultimate Guide To AutoLayout

In this series of tutorials, we are going to master how to position graphical elements and controls in our user interfaces with AutoLayout.

The Complete Guide To Networking in Swift

This is a complete guide that will help you to master networking in Swift. We will cover from the basics to advanced stuff like communicating with a RESTful API via JSON requests and uploading files to a remote server.

Debugging an application

Sooner or later, your application will fail or even crash, so you need to know how to debug your code and identify problems or places for improvements. In this series, we are going to dive into the Xcode debugger.

Beginner iOS and swift tutorials for developers
Advanced UIKit Animations in Swift

Learn everything about UIKit animations in Swift, from the basics to fully interactive, interruptible animations.

Your First Table View

Table views are one of the main interfaces found in iOS applications. In this tutorial series, we are going to learn how to use them.

Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3.

Your First Collection View

Collection views are one of the most used and visually appealing basic iOS control. Let's learn how to use them.

Segues, Modals, Pushes and Navigation

Apps would be boring if we couldn't transition from one screen to the other, right? In this tutorial series, we are going to learn the basic mechanisms for creating multi-screen apps, and how to navigate between them.

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Looking to expand your knowledge on iOS, Swift and Xcode? Ready to go to the next level? Have a look at our swift tutorials below!

Interacting with a RESTFUL API

Most probably, you will have to implement a frontend iOS App for a RESTful backend. In this tutorial series you will learn how to interact with a Flickr RESTful API to show photos in a map and react to user’s input.

OBJECTIVE-C ONLY (Swift version in the works)
Building the Perfect iOS Map Application

In this tutorial series, we will learn how to customize iOS maps to create rich, expressive location-based interfaces.

Managing contacts in Swift, AddressBook and Contacts frameworks

Follow this tutorial to learn how to access, read and modify contacts in iOS, either using the new Contacts framework for iOS 9, or the good old AddressBook framework if you need iOS 8 and prior support.

Intermediate iOS and swift tutorials for developers
Getting Started with CoreData and iCloud

CoreData and iCloud are Apple's technologies for storing and updating data in the cloud and among devices. Let's have a look at how to create an application that makes use of them.

Towards Responsive iOS Design

Reaching full responsiveness in our iOS applications is not as easy as it might seem. With a lot of different devices, with wildly different screen sizes, dimensions and capabilities, we have to be careful to build a comprehensive, adapted experience for all of them. In this series of posts, we are going to explore how to get there.

Bezier paths in practice: From basic shapes to custom designable controls

Bezier Paths allow us to define shapes and figures that can be applied as masks to images, views or controls, or used in a lot of creative and cool ways. Let's have a look at how to work with them.

Building custom IBDesignable views

One of the more powerful features introduced with XCode 6 and iOS 8 is the possibility to design, build and integrate custom controls directly in the Interface Builder. Let's explore how with a pretty useful example class: a UITextView with a placeholder text.

Would you like me to cover a concrete topic? do you have a programming question on iOS or Swift? Check out our new “Ask Digital Leaves” section!


Are you an already proficient iOS developer looking to improve your knowledge or dig into the really funny stuff? Don’t worry, we have the right swift tutorials for you! Have a look at our articles and posts below.

Demystifying retain cycles in ARC

Retain cycles are a obscure topic for iOS developers. There are lot of misinformation in the web, to the point of people giving wrong suggestions and “fixes” that could even potentially lead to problems and crashes in your App. In this article, I would like to shed some light on the subject matter.

Cryptography in iOS

Let's face it: native cryptography APIs in iOS are not developer-friendly or built to interact with OpenSSL or external cryptographic systems. In this article series, I want to share my knowledge to help your iOS apps be able to communicate securely with the outside world.

Dynamic UIDatePickers in a Table View

In this article, I discuss how to add dynamic UIDatePicker cells in a table view that appear and disappear when needed, modifying their respective date fields.

Advanced iOS and swift tutorials for developers
Our Custom Split controller

Split view controllers are nice, but are subject to a lot of limitations that might end up being a deal-breaker for using them in your apps. In this article, I discuss how to build a better custom split view controller.

Flawless UICollectionViews and UITableViews

In this post, I will show you how, with few methods and functions, you can get that flawless UICollectionViews and UITableViews with correct lazy image loading and responsive cell size.

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