What can I do for you?

My main area of expertise is software development, especially web apps, mobile apps and RESTful APIs & backends. I'm also an expert in cryptography.

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Web apps & Web design

I build fast, secure web apps with no technical debt.

Instead of relying in the latest fancy framework, I use pure HTML, JS/jQuery, and CSS to build secure, scalable and easily maintainable web applications.

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Mobile apps

I have ten years of experience developing native applications for iOS and Android. Phones and tablets.

I have published a multitude of apps, so I know all the tricks to get your apps approved in no time.

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RESTful, secure APIs

I am an expert data modeler. Applying the most strict RESTful design patterns, I build secure and elegant and fast backend APIs on Node.js and NoSQL.

I also apply my knowledge in security, JWT and cryptography to make sure your API is as hacker-proof as possible.

Anything else?

Apart from being a developer, I'm an entrepreneur. I own two companies in Estonia thanks to the e-Residency program, and have been the CTO of several startups and companies.

I have worked as a security analyst for more than six years, so I can act as the DPO of your company and help you comply with the GDPR.

As a multipotentialite, I am also proficient in other areas, such as web/app interface design, UI/UX, cryptography, technical writing, and business consulting.

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