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From Concept To Product

We can help you turn your idea into a successful product. From the initial concept to the final deployment, marketing, and social media strategies. Here's what we offer.

Digital Leaves - Workflow

Consulting and Estimate

Probably the most important step is listening to you. We want to be sure to understand what your business does, your concept behind the project, your goals, and values.

Digital Leaves - Workflow

Strategy and Data Modeling

Every project starts with a careful planning, in which we will define the global strategy for building your project, the data model, and the master branding and design guidelines.

Digital Leaves - Workflow

Visual Design

Once the data, processes and flows of the product are clear, we will design the visual interfaces involved, for the web and mobile apps as required by the project.

Digital Leaves - Workflow


With the strategy, data model and visual interfaces in place, it's time to start coding! Our team gathers senior developers with a proven record of building quality applications.

Digital Leaves - Workflow


Once the product is ready, it's time to put it out there. We will publish your mobile apps on the Apple and Google Stores, and will host your applications on trusted, reliable servers.

Digital Leaves - Workflow

Marketing and Social Media

If you build it... nobody will come. Unless of course you have a team of professionals who can manage your Adwords campaigns, social media communities and online presence.

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