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We offer some unique advantages, like working remotely, being part of a team instead of an employee, and deciding what your time's worth.

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Digital Leaves - Careers

iOS Developer

  • We are looking for an iOS developer with at least 2 years of experience developing, building and deploying iOS Apps. Ideally, you will need some Swift and Xcode expertise (no Objective-C necessary, it's 2018). Also, a good knowledge of Interface Builder and the most common Cocoa frameworks

Digital Leaves - Careers

Android Developer

  • We are looking for an Android developer with at least 2 years of experience developing, building and deploying Android Apps. Ideally, you will need some Java and Android Studio expertise (Kotlin is a plus!). You need to have a good understanding of visual interfaces and how to communicate with RESTful APIs.

Digital Leaves - Careers

Web/Mobile Applications Designer

  • We are looking for a modern designer to join our team. You must be proficient with Sketch, and understand how to build responsive web applications. Also, you must have some proven experience designing mobile applications for iOS and/or Android. Ideally, you can also work on branding tasks.

Digital Leaves - Careers

Backend Developer

  • We are looking for a backend developer with at least 2 years of experience developing, building and deploying RESTful Apps. We work with Node.js and MongoDB. You need to have a good understanding of data modeling, RESTful best practices, deploying in the cloud, and ideally some cryptography.

Digital Leaves - Careers

Web Developer

  • We are looking for a web developer with at least 2 years of experience developing and deploying web applications. We dislike the "framework-hype", and instead prefer people who can craft awesome sites with just HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery. Nothing wrong with Angular, React, etc, just not our scene.

Digital Leaves - Careers

Marketer/Community Manager

  • We are looking for someone with at least 2 years of experience in digital marketing and community management. Ideally, you will have proven experience in Google Adwords and Analytics, and Social media ad campaigns. A strong background developing branding and social media strategies is a plus.

Why Working With Us?

What We Offer

We work remotely. Our team is distributed around the world, and we leverage the digital communication tools available today. We believe the future of work involves location independence, not being locked in a cubicle.

We have a strong commitment to building a respectful environment, where nobody can be discriminated against on the basis of origin, race, sexual orientation or identity, gender, social position, culture, or religion.

Flat Organization

Working as part of a distributed, multidisciplinary, non-hierarchical, and respectful team, where you are a member, not an employee

Location Independence
  • Freedom to work wherever you want, whenever you want. We are digital nomads and don't believe in offices or fixed working hours, just in hard work and results
Fair Compensation
  • Freedom to choose what your work's worth. We work together to estimate what a project is worth in time and effort. You will have a say in the process, and earn what your time's worth

What We Are After

Your qualifications or diplomas are less important to us than your knowledge and experience.

We value people that know what they are doing and have an obsession with details and a commitment to quality, like ourselves.

Communication skills
  • Good English communication skills are essential. Optionally, some Spanish is cool too ;).
Issuing Invoices
  • Ability to issue your own invoices as a freelancer or company. We work on a per-project basis, and the members of the team get paid equally according to their contribution.
Team Work
  • Ability to work cooperatively within a remote team, adapt to tight schedules and have one standup meeting a week if necessary.

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