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Digital Leaves. Your First Table View (UITableView). Learn Swift and iOS Programming, easy and fun. Custom Cells. Cell Actions and Pull To Refresh. Table Views.
Your First Table View Tutorial – Master Table Views

Hi there! I wrote a tutorial in three parts called "Your First Table View" to help you master table views in iOS. The Basics First,

Dynamic UIDatePickers in a Table View

Unlike most date pickers found in web applications, iOS UIDatePicker is one of the  bulkiest controls in the standard UIKit library, and among the most difficult ones to

Building The Perfect iOS Map (I): Synchronising a Map and a List

A very common pattern in mobile applications is the kind of app where the data model involves a series of POI (points of interest) in

Flawless UICollectionViews and UITableViews

Most probably, if you are currently working in an App including tableviews or collectionviews, specially if you are retrieving the data from a backend or REST API,