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Drag and Drop on iOS 11
Drag and Drop on iOS And MultiTasking

Welcome! This article will show you how to perform Drag and Drop on iOS. New in iOS 11, we have all the power of multitasking

Towards Better Split View Controllers (I): Our Custom Split Controller

UISplitViewController is one of the most basic controllers in iOS, and can be found in many Apple applications. However, when you have a look at 3rd


DLHamburguerMenu DLHamburguerMenu is a "hamburguer" sidebar menu control written entirely in swift. It presents a menu over the current visual contents (i.e: Above the current

Creamy, a free, open source CRM written in PHP.

I had been working lately in my free time in a new open source project, a CRM, written in PHP. My intention was to develop

We should restore the value of software

I came back recently from my short holidays in UK, and while walking my way through the boarding queue, I noticed that I was, literally, bombarded by