Building the perfect iOS Map (II): Completely custom annotation views

One of the most recurrent topics when working with the MapKit framework and annotations is customising the annotations and callout views in the map to match

Why I won’t publish any more CocoaPods

Some days ago, I read a brilliant article by Quil, ranting about how computer software, specially applications, are progressively tending towards complicated, dull user experiences

Swift is the new Java… and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Swift is the new Java... and I don't mean that in a good way. I've got the feeling that XCode is getting worse with every new release,

Building The Perfect iOS Map (I): Synchronising a Map and a List

A very common pattern in mobile applications is the kind of app where the data model involves a series of POI (points of interest) in

Towards Clutter-less, Maintainable projects

An increasing number of my work requests as iOS developer come from projects that are already in progress, but whose developer left for some reason, or projects that were left on a

Managing contacts in Swift, AddressBook and Contacts frameworks

Accessing contacts in swift is not as hard as dealing with cryptography on iOS, but the AddressBook framework has never been specially developer-friendly, and the strongly

So yeah… reinvent the wheel

I've always had this joke with my friends (only the geek ones, of course :) in which I would say that frontend developers are in fact "framework

Flawless UICollectionViews and UITableViews

Most probably, if you are currently working in an App including tableviews or collectionviews, specially if you are retrieving the data from a backend or REST API,