Sequence Hacking in Swift (I): map, flatMap, sort, filter, reduce

Hi there! This is the first of a series of posts focused on sequences in Swift, aimed at turn you into a sequence ninja in

Digital Tip #7, associating appear/disappear behavior to an UIView subclass

The Digital Tip of the week will help you set actions for when a UIView is instantiated or disappears. Sometimes I build reusable UIView subclasses

A Sneak Peak at String in Swift 4

The "String" type is, no doubt, one of the most used types in every programming language. It's probably the data type that we, humans, understand

Whatever happened to Xcode?

Lately, it's getting harder and harder for me to work with Xcode, and this is bad, really bad, because it's my main work tool. Although

Dynamic UIDatePickers in a Table View

Unlike most date pickers found in web applications, iOS UIDatePicker is one of the  bulkiest controls in the standard UIKit library, and among the most difficult ones to

Towards Better Split View Controllers (I): Our Custom Split Controller

UISplitViewController is one of the most basic controllers in iOS, and can be found in many Apple applications. However, when you have a look at 3rd

Custom In-App Keyboards

Recently, I was asked by the CEO of my project to build a custom numeric keyboard for the iOS app. It's an iPad app, and as

Digital Tips list: Become a better freelance iOS developer!

Hi there! Ever since I escaped the cubicle and embraced my career as a full freelance iOS developer, I've always looked for ways to help the developer