Disable Auto Capitalization on an iPad Pro
Disable Auto Capitalization on an iPad Pro Completely

Since I bought it, the iPad Pro has become one of the best weapons in my tool arsenal. However, there are some tweaks needed to

How To Properly Calculate The Estimate For A Project
How To Properly Calculate The Estimate For A Project

One of the most daunting tasks for freelance developers, apart from setting a good hourly rate for their services, is how to calculate the estimate

What's New In Swift 4
What’s New in Swift 4, An Opinionated Review

Finally! After the WWDC, we have a new Xcode 9 (in beta) and a new "official" release of Swift, Swift 4. Even though we already

How to Debug iOS Apps in Xcode. Getting To Know The Debugger.
How to Debug iOS Apps.

Hi there! I created a tutorial series to help you getting started at debugging your applications. Debugging may be a scary topic. Sometimes is seen

How to Rename An Xcode Project
How to Rename An Xcode Project

Hi there! In this short article, I explain how to completely rename an Xcode project, including subfolders and schemas. Eventually you will find yourself in

Segues and Navigation in Swift. Push, Modals and Exit Segues. Digital Leaves. Define Segues Programmatically, pass data to destination view controllers. The Unwind Segue. Bootstrap Modal. Segues in iOS.
Tutorial Series On Navigation and Segues in iOS

Hi there! I created a series of tutorials about segues in iOS and navigation between view controllers. In these step-by-step tutorials, you will learn everything you

Identifying Bad Clients as a Freelance Developer. Digital Leaves.
How to Identify Bad Clients As A Freelance Developer

One of the most important skills a freelancer can develop is the ability to recognize bad clients. During our freelancing career, we will eventually find

Digital Leaves. Your First Table View (UITableView). Learn Swift and iOS Programming, easy and fun. Custom Cells. Cell Actions and Pull To Refresh. Table Views.
Your First Table View Tutorial – Master Table Views

Hi there! I wrote a tutorial in three parts called "Your First Table View" to help you master table views in iOS. The Basics First,