The Pillow Book v2.0 being reviewed!

After making sure everything is polished and all details have been taken care of, I submitted the new and overhauled version of The Pillow Book

Overhauled version of The Pillow Book almost ready!

The new version of "The Pillow Book" is almost ready for the App Store! I have been working so hard in this new version, which

Promo for an imaginary film called “Playground”

Just something that popped up in my mind today.

Abstract classes in Objective-C

Coming from other object oriented programming languages, sooner or later any Mac or iPhone developer will find himself thinking on a Cocoa development design that

NSURL files equality, comparison and equivalency

NSURL is one of the main and most used classes of Cocoa, and rightly so. It is a very useful class that allows to handle

Going freelance?

As a lot of folks out there, I combine my day job with my real passion, the projects I really enjoy working on. In my

Starting up

Welcome to my blog. For some time now I've been devoted to my passion for iOS development and graphical, visual design, and specially to the