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How to Debug iOS Apps in Xcode. Getting To Know The Debugger.
How to Debug iOS Apps.

Hi there! I created a tutorial series to help you getting started at debugging your applications. Debugging may be a scary topic. Sometimes is seen

How to Rename An Xcode Project
How to Rename An Xcode Project

Hi there! In this short article, I explain how to completely rename an Xcode project, including subfolders and schemas. Eventually you will find yourself in

Segues and Navigation in Swift. Push, Modals and Exit Segues. Digital Leaves. Define Segues Programmatically, pass data to destination view controllers. The Unwind Segue. Bootstrap Modal. Segues in iOS.
Tutorial Series On Navigation and Segues in iOS

Hi there! I created a series of tutorials about segues in iOS and navigation between view controllers. In these step-by-step tutorials, you will learn everything you

The Ultimate Guide to iOS AutoLayout: Demistifying NSLayoutConstraint. Size Classes. AutoLayout Guide. Autolayout Animations. Animations With AutoLayout.
The Ultimate iOS AutoLayout Guide I and II, and some more Digital Tips

Hi there! I published the first episode of "The Ultimate Guide to iOS AutoLayout" past week, and today I just published the second one. In

Whatever happened to Xcode?

Lately, it's getting harder and harder for me to work with Xcode, and this is bad, really bad, because it's my main work tool. Although

Towards Better Split View Controllers (I): Our Custom Split Controller

UISplitViewController is one of the most basic controllers in iOS, and can be found in many Apple applications. However, when you have a look at 3rd

Custom In-App Keyboards

Recently, I was asked by the CEO of my project to build a custom numeric keyboard for the iOS app. It's an iPad app, and as

Swift is the new Java… and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Swift is the new Java... and I don't mean that in a good way. I've got the feeling that XCode is getting worse with every new release,