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Whatever happened to Xcode?

Lately, it's getting harder and harder for me to work with Xcode, and this is bad, really bad, because it's my main work tool. Although

We should restore the value of software

I came back recently from my short holidays in UK, and while walking my way through the boarding queue, I noticed that I was, literally, bombarded by

Feed Parser library in Swift

I have been working lately on Ready, a news reader for iPhone, iPad and (hopefully soon) Android. I was unhappy with the current news readers

Social Login For Your REST API Using OAuth 2 (I)
Building your own REST API with OAuth 2.0 (II): The good, the bad and the ugly

In the previous post of the series, we explored the basics of OAuth authorization. In this post, we will propose three possible alternatives for implementing authentication using

New version 2.3 of The Pillow Book available at the App Store.

Finally the new, improved version of The Pillow Book is available at the App Store. This version adds new nice features such as entry edition,

Initializing a NSDictionary the wrong way

I have been struggling all day with one of that simple mistakes that makes you loose a lot of time while trying to figure out

Reseña de “El Libro de Cabecera” en Applesfera

Soy un asiduo lector de Applesfera desde hace bastante tiempo, no pasan más de un par de días sin que me escape un momento del

Starting up

Welcome to my blog. For some time now I've been devoted to my passion for iOS development and graphical, visual design, and specially to the