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How to build a cross-platform C++ project with Autotools from your Mac or Linux box
How To Build a Cross-Platform C++ Project With Autotools

In this article, I want to discuss how to create a cross-platform C++ project from your Mac or Linux Box using Autotools. Wait, this is

Augmented Reality with ARKit in iOS. Detecting planes and placing objects in augmented reality.
Place Objects in Augmented Reality via ARKit

Hello there! In this article, I will explain you how to place objects in augmented reality via ARKit. If you haven't already, I recommend you

Drag and Drop on iOS 11
Drag and Drop on iOS And MultiTasking

Welcome! This article will show you how to perform Drag and Drop on iOS. New in iOS 11, we have all the power of multitasking

Dynamic UIDatePickers in a Table View

Unlike most date pickers found in web applications, iOS UIDatePicker is one of the  bulkiest controls in the standard UIKit library, and among the most difficult ones to

Towards Better Split View Controllers (I): Our Custom Split Controller

UISplitViewController is one of the most basic controllers in iOS, and can be found in many Apple applications. However, when you have a look at 3rd

Custom In-App Keyboards

Recently, I was asked by the CEO of my project to build a custom numeric keyboard for the iOS app. It's an iPad app, and as

Building the perfect iOS Map (II): Completely custom annotation views

One of the most recurrent topics when working with the MapKit framework and annotations is customising the annotations and callout views in the map to match

Becoming an OAuth Provider: Hands On

Wow! It's been a long since last I posted here. I've been really busy these days. Our startup got accepted at Tetuan Valley accelerator, so I