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The Ultimate Guide to iOS AutoLayout: Demistifying NSLayoutConstraint. Size Classes. AutoLayout Guide. Autolayout Animations. Animations With AutoLayout.
The Ultimate iOS AutoLayout Guide I and II, and some more Digital Tips

Hi there! I published the first episode of "The Ultimate Guide to iOS AutoLayout" past week, and today I just published the second one. In

Becoming an OAuth Provider: Hands On

Wow! It's been a long since last I posted here. I've been really busy these days. Our startup got accepted at Tetuan Valley accelerator, so I

Bezier paths in practice (I): From basic shapes to custom designable controls

CoreGraphics and UIKit provide great tools for customizing the user interface of our Apps and building custom shapes, views and animations, from the lowest level APIs

Tutorial: Building your own custom IBDesignable view: a UITextView with placeholder

One of the more powerful features introduced with XCode 6 and iOS 8 is the possibility to design, build and integrate custom controls directly in

We should restore the value of software

I came back recently from my short holidays in UK, and while walking my way through the boarding queue, I noticed that I was, literally, bombarded by

“Sympho: Adventures in Space” out now!

I am pleased to announce that my game "Sympho: Adventures in Space" has been released and it's available for FREE download at the App Store

A Little Bit Of Everything

Some may think that developing an indie game is an easy task, and that you can win a fortune overnight with just a very simple

Social Managers for Mac

Hi, I have just finished the first version of an open source project called "Social Managers for Mac". I wanted to have more control on