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How to build a cross-platform C++ project with Autotools from your Mac or Linux box
How To Build a Cross-Platform C++ Project With Autotools

In this article, I want to discuss how to create a cross-platform C++ project from your Mac or Linux Box using Autotools. Wait, this is

Augmented Reality with ARKit in iOS. Detecting planes and placing objects in augmented reality.
Augmented Reality With ARKit for iOS

This is a series of tutorials focused on Augmented Reality with ARKit. Alongside MLKit, this was the framework announcement that impressed me the most. I

Drag and Drop on iOS 11
Drag and Drop on iOS And MultiTasking

Welcome! This article will show you how to perform Drag and Drop on iOS. New in iOS 11, we have all the power of multitasking

Advanced UIKit Animations in Swift.What's New in Animations in Swift 4 and iOS 11.
What’s New in UIKit Animations in Swift 4 / iOS 11

The new iOS 11 has brought some nice additions and updates for animations in Swift 4. Let's have a look at what's new and some

How to Debug iOS Apps in Xcode. Getting To Know The Debugger.
How to Debug iOS Apps.

Hi there! I created a tutorial series to help you getting started at debugging your applications. Debugging may be a scary topic. Sometimes is seen

Segues and Navigation in Swift. Push, Modals and Exit Segues. Digital Leaves. Define Segues Programmatically, pass data to destination view controllers. The Unwind Segue. Bootstrap Modal. Segues in iOS.
Tutorial Series On Navigation and Segues in iOS

Hi there! I created a series of tutorials about segues in iOS and navigation between view controllers. In these step-by-step tutorials, you will learn everything you

Digital Leaves. Your First Table View (UITableView). Learn Swift and iOS Programming, easy and fun. Custom Cells. Cell Actions and Pull To Refresh. Table Views.
Your First Table View Tutorial – Master Table Views

Hi there! I wrote a tutorial in three parts called "Your First Table View" to help you master table views in iOS. The Basics First,

The Complete Guide to Networking in Swift. Digital Leaves.
The Complete Guide to Networking in Swift

Hi there! I've written a complete guide to get you started in working with the network and communicate with the outside world in Swift. You