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Social Managers for Mac

Hi, I have just finished the first version of an open source project called "Social Managers for Mac". I wanted to have more control on

iPadMessageView, a simple message view with prompt options for iPad

Hello, I have created a simple and elegant message-prompt view for iPad. It is called iPadMessageView, and uses blocks to receive the response from the

The pains of being a floating point number

Recently I made some changes to my parallax scrolling implementation for SpriteKit. In some settings, there was a noticeable flickering effect on the slowest layer

Parallax Scrolling in SpriteKit made easy

After being developing for some time with the new 2D game engine SpriteKit, I have to admit that I'm in love with it. I find

NSURL files equality, comparison and equivalency

NSURL is one of the main and most used classes of Cocoa, and rightly so. It is a very useful class that allows to handle