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Avoid blurriness in CATextLayer text

I was working today on a custom UIView that performed some text animations on layers using CATextLayer, and I noticed that my text was being

Membership of custom objects in Swift Arrays and Dictionaries

It's been a long since I wrote something. One of my loved ones is going through some health problems and I was forced to leave work aside to

Tutorial: Interacting with a Flickr RESTful API by showing photos in a map and reacting to user’s input

This tutorial started as a test job for a unreliable customer that came to nothing. As I was not paid for my time and developing effort,

Why I gave up using iCloud & CoreData (and closed “The Pillow Book”)

It's sad closing a project in which you have been working for several years, but that's what I just did some minutes ago with The Pillow Book.

Memory Management in Swift: A lost opportunity for Apple

Swift was released to the public at the WWDC 2014 to general surprise. The language has since revolutionized the iOS/Mac OS X programming scene, due

Swift: a programming language in evolution

One of the most surprising announcements of the WWDC14 was Swift, the new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. I have to say I

Building your own REST API with OAuth 2.0 (III): Hands on

It's been a while since last I posted something. I have been very busy working on Fanstastic, a new social network that will allow you

SpriteKit collision system broken on iOS 7.1 after setting xScale to -1

I've been banging my head against a wall today because of a weird error in my SpriteKit game. I have been very busy these days