Hi there! I wrote a tutorial in three parts called “Your First Table View” to help you master table views in iOS.

The Basics

First, in the initial episode, “Your First Table View: The Basics“, you will learn the basics about table views and cells. Also, how they are structured, and how they display their elements. You will also learn about the Data Source and Delegate of a table view. By the end of the tutorial, you will have your first table view ready and displaying some elements.

Custom Cells and Interactivity

The second episode: “Your First Table View: Behavior and Custom Cells“, goes a step further. Learn to add interactivity to your table views by allowing your users to click on cells and trigger certain actions. You will also learn how to design custom cells and assign them to your table view.

Cell Actions and Pull To Refresh

Finally, in the last episode: “Your First Table View: Cell Actions and Pull to Refresh“, you will master some advanced stuff like assigning actions to your cells when swapping right-to-left. You will also learn to add a “Pull to Refresh” functionality to refresh your table’s content by pulling from the top of the screen. In summary, at the end of this episode your table views will look really professional. You will be ready to start building awesome apps with the most used and common UI control of iOS.