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The Ultimate Guide to iOS AutoLayout: Demistifying NSLayoutConstraint. Size Classes. AutoLayout Guide. Autolayout Animations. Animations With AutoLayout.

The Ultimate IOS AutoLayout Guide episodes III And IV are out!

Hi there! I published the third episode of “The Ultimate Guide to iOS AutoLayout” past week. Today I just published the fourth one. The AutoLayout Guide is a comprehensive guide to help you master AutoLayout in iOS.

First, in the third episode, we learned about Size Classes, and how they can improve our user interfaces. By making use of Size Classes, we can really fine-tune some aspects of how our designs display on the different iOS devices. It’s worth investing some time in learning how to get the most out of them.

Then, in the fourth episode, we are going to dive a little bit deeper into responsive AutoLayout interfaces. We will learn to switch from fixed dimensions to responsive AutoLayout positioning and sizing.

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