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The Ultimate Guide to iOS AutoLayout: Demistifying NSLayoutConstraint. Size Classes. AutoLayout Guide. Autolayout Animations. Animations With AutoLayout.

The Ultimate iOS AutoLayout Guide I and II, and some more Digital Tips

Hi there! I published the first episode of “The Ultimate Guide to iOS AutoLayout” past week, and today I just published the second one.

In the first episode, we will start by mastering the basics. AutoLayout is a set of rules that dictate how the visual elements of an iOS App display on iOS devices. These rules can be defined visually or programmatically, and the developer needs to define them for every single control or visual element included in the App. Sometimes, defining these rules is pretty straightforward. Other times, an application with a complex interface may need a lot of tweaking, specially if it is available for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV or even Apple Watch.

In the second episode, we are going to dive a little bit deeper into responsive AutoLayout interfaces by switching from fixed dimensions to responsive AutoLayout positioning and sizing.

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Ignacio Nieto is the owner of the Digital Leaves blog, he loves building successful products that improve people’s lives. He has expertise in iOS, Full Stack JS, Android, RESTful backends, OAuth and cryptography.

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