Hi there!

Ever since I escaped the cubicle and embraced my career as a full freelance iOS developer, I’ve always looked for ways to help the developer community and make my own tiny contribution. That’s why I started this blog some years ago in the first place, and I try to add content whenever I have the chance.

I recently decided to take this contribution more seriously, post more recently, and just today I released the “Digital Tips” list. I plan on writing about one topic at least once a week, and also publish small tips, suggestions and code snippets that made my daily work easier. My goal is helping you to escape the cubicle, share my modest knowledge with you, and maybe help you become a better professional. That would be awesome.

So, whether you are considering becoming a freelance developer but haven’t found the courage, have just started and want to improve your skills, or simply would like to join the community, discuss on iOS development and share your expertise with us, don’t hesitate to join the list! We would love to have you onboard!