Since I initially released the first version of “Sympho: Adventures in Space“, I haven’t had much time to maintain and upgrade the game. With the release of iOS 8, SpriteKit suffered some important changes and bug corrections that (ironically) rendered my game unusable due to some custom hacks I was forced to perform in order to let my creatures turn left/right. As you may know, the deadline for submitting your App to the App Store before Christmas ends tomorrow, so I decided to rush and release a new version, a special Xmas version of Sympho!


I decided to open all worlds (that were under IAP) for free and forever (I don’t really expect to make a living out of the game anyways, it’s just something I do for fun). I included a desert world (ruled by an evil cactus). A Office world, full of poor developers working in their cubicles, and “Inferno”, a hellish world inhabited by fiends and wicked devils, at the end of which awaits the soul butcher, a terrific enemy! ;)



I added some funny platforms: rotating platforms, bouncing platforms, vanishing platforms… And lots of coins, almost ten times the coins of the previous version! I realised that one of the things that makes an arcade game funny (no joking!) is collecting coins, the more the better.


As I’m writing these lines, the archive has finished to upload to iTunes Connect. Let’s hope it’ll pass the review and will be online for Christmas, as I want to dedicate this version to my mother. All in all, I’ve had some fun developing this Christmas version.