With less thank 24 hours left for the WWDC 2014, I have to say I am really excited to know what the annual conference will reveal, not only about the future of OS X and iOS 8, but also regarding a possible new generation of Apple gadgets coming in the following months. I unfortunately couldn’t manage to get a ticket, but I will follow the conference via streaming.

A lot’s been talked about the future of Mac OS X. Everyone seem to agree that the new operating system for our macs will go through a (more or less) major overhaul that would imply a flatter, more minimalist design, similar to what iOS 7 brought to our iDevices. I think it is a natural evolution for OS X, and I have to confess I am really excited thinking about what it may look like. When iOS7 was introduced last year, many people went through an adaptation process, and I have to admit I didn’t like some of the icons at first, and the gradients looked cheesy to me. However, recently I had the chance of having an iPhone running iOS 6 in my hands and I thought “God, is this ancient, I would never be able to use iOS 6 on a daily basis again”.

Also, iOS 8 is going to be the main focus of the conference. It is expected that Apple will introduce new health and wellness features (including a ‘healthbook‘ app) within the new version of the mobile OS, probably hinting at the arrival of the long rumored iWatch. Besides this, major improvements are expected in both Maps and Siri. The acquisition of Beats by Apple recently and the introduction of iTunes radio are another two focal points of the new operating system (the first maybe implying a new headphones design). Lastly, a lot is being heard about Apple releasing a smart home platform, including domestic controls, sensors and integrations with our iGadgets.

The WWDCs are not usually used by Apple to announce new hardware products, but maybe we would see an update on the Mac Mini, and possibly a new, low-cost iMac. I also expect them to release new Thunderbolt displays, following the new iMac thin design. I sure would love to buy one for developing with my Macbook Pro retina.

Which are your thoughts about the WWDC? What do you expect Apple to reveal? Let me know in the comments!