As a lot of folks out there, I combine my day job with my real passion, the projects I really enjoy working on. In my case, that’s iOS development and visual design. I’ve been working on them for years now, devoting the little time I have left from work, nights and vacations. My work pays the bills, it really does, but I don’t enjoy it at all. It is your standard cubicle office work, boring, uninspiring activity that eats up most of my day, most of the week. Since I started my professional career, ten years ago, I have always gone with the flow, my goal to secure me a better job position or a higher paid one. As the years passed, I’ve come to realize that I don’t feel gratified by my job, that I need to do something I feel proud of, something I really love and enjoy, something that’s creative and challenging, something that’s my own.

So, after some sleepless nights and spending a lot of time wondering, I have decided to go freelance. Here, in Spain, that’s easier said than done. Our taxes and fiscal policies are thought to stifle the freelances. But the biggest problem is that we have been educated to be afraid of challenge, to be frightened of developing our own ideas and work on our own projects. The “spanish dream”, so to say, is to secure a permanent job and live a safe, secure and mediocre life. That’s not for me. Not anymore.

I have gone through a hard road myself trying to overcome my fears, I have read a lot of experiences from the web, and lots of opinions, both positive and negative, about quitting your job and going freelance. Funny enough, there is a huge difference when you read about the subject on foreign blogs as opposed to spanish blogs and webs. Whereas the former focus on the freedom, creativity and life impact aspects of the decision from a personal point of view, the latter are only concerned about the economic aspects of going freelance. I think this is a deep social and cultural difference we need to evaluate, and comes to explain some of the problems of our economy (lack of startups, almost no creative projects, and a complete absence of innovative research and development).

I think I have a lot to offer to the world. I am a great developer and have a real passion for design and quality work. Let’s hope this is a good start.

I would love to hear from you if you are in the same situation as me, or if you already followed your heart and started to work on your own project.