Hi there,

I'm Ignacio Nieto Carvajal

Ninja developer, senior IT engineer, experienced CEO and CTO.
What I do best
Quality software products designed to make you stand out against the competition.
A bit about me
I am the man behind apps such as LetGo, Seguru or Zipwire, but I've also grown a profitable business. So I will approach your project not just from a technical point of view, but as a product designed to sell.
What can I do for you

Technologies & Skills

As a multipotentialite and entrepreneur, my skills go far beyond coding. But at heart, I am a developer and IT engineer. My passion is solving impossible technical puzzles.

01. Web apps

Maintainable, scalable apps. I don't rely on the latest fancy framework to build my web apps. Just standard technologies to make your product scalable and highly maintainable.

02. iOS & Android apps

Quality is paramount. I have built top App Store apps for demanding scenarios (thousands of users, critical security, distributed architectures).

03. Backends & APIs

Modern, scalable APIs. I work mainly with modern technologies such as Node.js and Express to design and develop fast, robust and distributed RESTful APIs.

04. NoSQL databases

Embracing the new. I love NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, and have experience designing future proof, reliable and correct data models for your API.

05. Design

Practical, modern designs. I know a thing or two about Sketch and can develop beautiful, modern interfaces in a short time. I am not a "designer", but if you need a design right now for your product, I've got your covered.

06... and more

More than meets the eye. From writing to designing, from marketing to coding... I have experience in many areas and I can bring that expertise into your project.
Happy clients and teammates
My experience with Digital Leaves was excellent. They helped me with BioProfe, which is an educational platform to create solve science exercises. Ignacio Nieto, CEO of Digital Leaves, was in charge of the supervision, development, testing, and deployment of BioProfe READER for iOS (iPad). I hope our collaboration will last forever!!.
Carlos Moreno
Founder @bioprofe
I worked with Ignacio at Zipwire for more than a year, and I can say that he is one of the people I’ve felt more comfortable working with. Not only because of his knowledge but also because he always had time to help others.
Senior Android Developer @zipwire
Ignacio is a programmer who indeed has the ability to think outside of the box. I had the pleasure to work on a project with Ignacio, on which we both participated from the very beginning. Ignacio suggested many useful ideas and was fully open to discuss the solutions. He is very active and entrepreneurial person, which helps him contribute to any project much more than just a programmer. I found great motivation in our collaboration and am looking forward to our future projects!
Janis Freimann
founder @meostudio
I've had the pleasure of working with Ignacio during the development of the Fanstastic application and his experience and professionalism is invaluable. It has not only participated actively with good ideas and advice, but is also able to create a pleasant environment and communicative work. I definitely look forward to working with him both in this project and other future.
Elizabeth Navarro
Android Developer @fanstastic
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