I have been working lately on Ready, a news reader for iPhone, iPad and (hopefully soon) Android. I was unhappy with the current news readers (Feedly, Flipboard, etc…). First off, I can’t stand ads in my Apps (I’m one of those guys that would gladly pay for not being inundated by publicity), so I was getting increasingly pissed of by Feedly including promoted content in my feeds (I know what I want to read, thank you). Flipboard is nice (great App and UI), but I find it really hard to just read the content I know and like (RSS/Atom feeds), like I could do in the -now extinct- Google Reader. Besides, I’m not a big fan of Flipboard’s freemium business model. After reading about the repeated robbery and hijacking of authors’ content by Feedly, I decided it was about time someone released a free, ad-free news reader.

Feed Parser

I decided to develop Ready entirely in swift, so the first step was to find a good feed parsing library that would parse RDF/RSS/Atom feeds. As I couldn’t find one, I decided to implement my own. I know NSXMLParser is not actually the best neither the fastest xml library out there, but for it’s really easy to use, nicely integrated in Swift, and after some tweaks and optimisations, the parsing library seemed to be working quite well, so I have decided to release it to the public in case it can be useful for your own news reader.

I will let you know when the Ready App gets released. I am thinking about releasing it entirely as open source, but I would like to work on the Android version first.

Here, in my github repository, you can find the Feed Parser library with a simple App (please don’t focus on the UI, it’s just a dirty demo app I put up quickly for testing purposes). It’s really simple to use, and you will find the instructions for integration on the README.md file.

As the library is far from perfect, if you have any suggestion or optimisation, please, let me know. Also, if you would like to help porting Ready to your language/country, please, let me know, I want to offer personalised categories for users of different countries/cultures/languages.