I build inspiring, successful products

I'm a highly qualified professional that can help you build the right product to add value to your company. I have expertise in iOS (iPhone, iPad, Watch...), Javascript Full Stack development, Android and more. I have a strong background in RESTful backend development, building secure client APIs, and employing OAuth 2, cryptography, and JSON technologies. I have worked and led multidisciplinary teams remotely using shared repositories like Git and applying Agile methodologies for years. Sound teamwork, communication, and technical writing skills. I love being able to turn an idea into a flourishing, breakthrough product.

I am an active developer for the open source community, and also write occasionally about iOS, RESTful backends, product development and technology in my blog. I'm also an entrepreneur, and the CTO of Letusdo, the smart tool for managing the tasks and customer related activities of your company or business.

Recent Work

Here is a sample of the last projects I've been involved in, alongside a description of my contribution, and how I managed to add value to each one of them.


Zipwire started as a professional contact directory for companies and business. I joined the team as the lead iOS engineer. Thanks to its initial traction, and after a deep analysis of possible opportunities, Zipwire evolved into a medical directory of clinics and providers. I took care of the data model design and system architecture, alongside the iOS product development, and my expertise in several areas (backend, frontend and mobile engineering) has been crucial for making Zipwire a successful startup that's currently expanding its operations and has received initial funding.


LetGo was one of the most promising startups to appear in 2015. I worked as the lead iOS engineer to develop the initial app that allowed the company to launch a new disrupting software product in the stagnated classifieds sector. LetGo has grown to become one of the main players in its business area, and recently received a $100M funding by Naspers limited. I'm proud to say that my contribution, developing an app in barely one month, was vital to the success of the project.


Fanstastic is the social network for fans and celebrities, a Spanish startup that counted with celebrities such as Gerard Piqué and Second as their users, among others. My contribution in the development of the iOS application and authentication scheme were vital for the project to start attracting users into the platform. The mobile applications were essential to add value to the company, which based its early success in the viral nature of its product.

BioProfe Reader

BioProfe Reader allows students to solve exams and exercises using a tablet or a computer in an entertaining way. One of the main appeals of the product is the simple, easy and catchy interface. My expertise and experience in areas such as mobile engineering, design and product development were crucial for helping to set BioProfe reader as the main solution in its category.

Ready news reader

Ready is a minimalist, free news reader for iPhone, iPad, Android and for the web. This personal project of mine is a combination of all the different areas of expertise that I can contribute to your project (backend, frontend, mobile development, product design and deployment) and, in Ready, they result in a successful product with thousands of downloads and hundreds of active users, without any kind of marketing or advertising campaigns.


Letusdo is a smart tool for managing the tasks and customer related activities of your company or business. It was also my first experience as founder and CTO of a startup. Letusdo allowed me to broaden my horizons and develop new perspectives on how to construct a successful software product, how to add value to a company, lead a team and improve my decision and business strategy skills.

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I am always looking for creative and challenging work. If you want to hire me, have any question, or just want to talk about something, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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